We take what you want, merge it with what we know from our 5 years of experience, and arrive at the best possible plan for your project. By getting involved early we can help you look at all the variables and mitigate risks, proactively change those things where a better or more cost effective solution can be found and head off any potential problems before they arise. From value analysis to cost estimating and subcontractor selection, we can make the process run smooth from start to finish.

Construction Management

CM-Agency is a fee-based service in which the Construction Manager acts as the owner’s representative during all phases of the project from pre-construction through final closeout. CM-Agency differs from CM@Risk because the CM-Agency does not hold any subcontracts. The owner holds contracts with the CM-Agency, Architect/Engineer, and General Contractor. Other elements include:

  • Design team procurement
  • Construction procurement
  • Pre-construction coordination
  • Cost estimating and planning
  • Construction management and site logistics

Advocating on behalf of public owners, Hands Construction uses its breadth and decades of experience to maximize cost savings and take over responsibility for your project. We help you select a proven team of designers and contractors that can best serve your needs while delivering your project on time and with the standard of quality you expect.

General Contracting

Under Construction Management at Risk (CM@Risk), the Owner holds separate contracts for architectural/engineering services and construction. When Sheehy comes on board early as your general contractor, we work closely with your architect to examine materials, systems and equipment for cost, quality and availability. We then perform constructability reviews and offer value engineering suggestions. With our general contracting services, we focus the entire team on the collaboration of efforts to find the best solutions for your construction project. The common goal of finishing a project on time and under budget can be achieved with a cost based approach, working in partnership with the owner and the design team.


Hands Construction brings the highest quality standards to any project, regardless of bid type. If you are doing a renovation, something complex or a unique or one-of-a kind project you will benefit from the savings that a negotiated approach can provide. If it is a common project and competitive bid is your approach, you’ll appreciate the value we bring to your project. Our deep bench of talent works to find the solutions that saves you money, time and irritation. We do our job well to make your job easier.

Competitive Bid: Although lowest price doesn’t always equate with best quality, when we are your lowest bid, you don’t need to worry about the quality of the project. Our decades of experience allow us the luxury of knowing how we can provide the highest quality project and still bid a reasonable price.

With our competitive bid process you can expect:

  • Subcontractors and suppliers will be chosen with critical care
  • Itemized description of hours worked
  • A guaranteed maximum price
  • Transparency in all transactions

Negotiated Bid: Before your project starts, we work with you, your team and your architect to uncover changes or improvements in plans or materials that can alleviate future problems and save you money upfront. Having a shared goal and vision from the start of the project keeps the project running smoothly and on schedule.

With our negotiated bid process you can expect:

  • The benefits of competitive bids at the subcontractor level
  • A cooperative and coordinated approach to budgeting, design, construction and all aspects related to your project
  • Cost control strategies implemented from the beginning
  • The best value for your money

Hands Construction, LLC is a family owned and operated commercial drywall contractor that has been servicing the Minneapolis / St. Paul metro area for more than 5 years. We handle everything from new construction (apartments, town homes, single-family) to unfinished basements/remodels and offer professional services which include installation, finishing, texturing, and sanding of drywall panels.

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