Letter From The CEO


At Hands Construction, our most important resources are our employees. We consider the safety and health of our people of utmost importance. Accidents are caused by factors that can be controlled, eliminated, and in most cases avoided. Safety and health considerations are an integral part of all Hands Construction operations.

We promote an environment that reduces the likelihood of accidents through the enforcement of our Comprehensive Safety Program including weekly safety training, recognition of safe work practices, full-time use of personal protection equipment, and the clear expectation that our employees and Subcontractors must work safely.

Healthy working conditions and safe work performance benefit everyone. A safety-conscious workforce reduces work-related injuries or illness and damage to property and equipment. Safety reduces costs related to workers compensation premiums, lost production time, and administration. Diligent safety practices allow us to be more competitive and rewards our clients with lower construction costs.

We strive to keep safety at the forefront of every project. We don’t take short cuts with the well being of our employees. Safety is everyone’s right and responsibility, and it happens because all of us at Hands Construction take an active, enthusiastic role in making it happen.

Sincerely yours,

Betty Roberts-Hands
President & CEO

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